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1.The company should provide products along with quality ensured service.

We Indians being curious about each and every product which they come across makes our market to be more vigilant in terms of providing the product with at most quality and security.

Therefore, an exuberance filled service must be included in the process. These principles will give more opportunity to a new comer especially for opening a business.

2.The business management should be well aware of tax and legalities of      corporate issues.

In India especially tax plays a major role in terms of any aspect therefore it must be well studied prior for opening any market whether traditional or network.

Firms attract 30% tax rate on total income irrespective of turnover. Few major legal procedures must be crystal clear as many quacks come across these procedures.

Lastly there must be a strong dealing background and stiff terms and conditions.

3.The company should utilize the social media platform very well.

From the latest census we are having a population of approx. 135 crores which is humongous. Normally in the absence of social network we find it difficult for providing a cost effective measures in any aspect and also there must always be physical representation of us in buying whatsoever. This is relieved by so called “social media”.  So therefore, social media played an important role in uplifting from a basic level to a whole new level.

Indians on average, spend about 2.25 hours on social media daily. In India, the number of social media users have been growing in 2021 at a steady rate of 448 million due to deep penetration of internet connectivity among people.

  • There are some websites like bharathlisting that list all the business related to a category in a particular area.
  • Once listed, your business can be viewed with the exact location, which will bring customers to your doorstep.

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