Month: September 2021

  • The value of arts and culture

    Why did the early man take to painting and when? What prompted him to conjure up colours? Was it a mere desire to depict the vistas he has perceived, or was it something else? Even though we can never get the hang of why and how the craft started, we now know how he had […]

  • Anything on hire

    Are you looking to hire something but don’t have the time to trawl through numerous websites? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could go to one place, compare prices and book within seconds? is the website you are looking for   We provide following service:   AC On Hire For reasons more than one […]

  • Role of computer in our daily lives

      Computers are important in our daily lives because they are almost as helpful to our people – instead, we must use them with respect and care.In the digital world, All our daily life activities are based on such online services and products. Top uses of Computers in Our Day to day life: Education – […]

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